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ThermiSmooth for Face: Non-Invasive, Painless and Zero Downtime Procedure

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Finally! A non-invasive, painless and zero downtime way to lose those under eye bags, crepey eyelids, and cigarette lines!

The ThermiSmooth for Face is the latest treatment introduces by KAS Medical Center and was specifically made for the tightening of the skin in the small spaces on our face.

What is the ThermiSmooth Face?

The ThermiSmooth Face (www.skintreatmentsindia.com) is a procedure that uses controlled, non-invasive tissue heating to promote collagen growth under the skin. It uses the same radio frequency (RF) energy as the ThermiTight but, is different in that it does not puncture the skin.

The ThermiSmooth Face treats:

  • Under Eye Bags & Circles
  • Fine Lines Around the Eyes
  • Cigarette Lines Around the Lips
  • Crepey Skin Anywhere on Your Face and Neck
  • Nasolabial Folds

The magic of the ThermiSmooth Face (www.skintreatmentsindia.com), and really any unit that uses RF energy, is it’s ability to deliver controlled heat to the under layers of the skin. Enough heat to cause controlled damage which begins the neocollagenisis process.

The Bottom Line:

  • Number of Treatments:3 Treatments spaced 2 to 3 weeks apart
  • Downtime: None (unless you’re me and swell up just thinkingabout a saltine)

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ThermiRF and ThermiVA – An Introduction


Bulging uneven contours, noticeable platysmal bands, sagging droopy skin, loose tissues, acne scars, excessive sweating and wrinkles have one thing in common – they are not desired by anyone at all. Most of us try several non-invasive and alternative methods to get rid of them, but to no avail. If you are also worried because of these signs then there is a ground breaking solution available about which you will get to know right here.


It is a ground breaking technology for rejuvenation, skin tightening and body contouring.  It is one of its kind aesthetic technologies that make use of thermistor-regulated radio frequency energy for achieving the desired cosmetic outcomes. It makes use of controlled thermal in two different ways – topical RF or injectable RF (micro-invasive RF), to targeted particular tissues. This, in turn, allows for a range of treatment solutions for several problems with long lasting and exceptional results. It offers many usages –ThermiDry, ThermiTight, ThermiRase, Thermi VA and ThermiSmooth. On the basis of your requirement, the cosmetic surgeon recommends the best option.

ThermiVA is one treatment which has caught the attention of many women. It actually aims for vaginal rejuvenation.  It is the first and path breaking non-invasive treatment for firming and tightening vaginal tissues. It works on the similar principle of ThermiTight which aims at lifting and tightening the neck, ThermiVA makes use of radiofrequency energy for heating and tightening both the inner vaginal canal and the outer labia for an aesthetically pleasing and more functional vagina.

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